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The Sandwich Party

A place so magical you just won't believe it

Sandwich Party
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This is the home of sandwich_party, the greatest sandwich community ever! Here at sandwich_party we take great pleasure in sandwiches, which as a food, represent so many different things. Sandwiches are amazing, and every single one of them is different. A chicken sandwich is very different from a cheese sandwich, and yet both hold such mesmerising properties. In short, sandwiches are just one reason to get up everyday. If you join this community you'll get to post accounts of your sandwich experiences, read reviews of great sandwiches and find out all about the latest sandwich developments in places such as Marks and Spencer.

when describing your sandwiches, perhaps you would like to use the sandwich_party official style? pioneered by andy, this is a most ingenius way of illustrating just how amazing your sandwich really is! simple, colourful and effective, this method is definitely the future of sandwich descriptions. below is an example:

                                                         (toasted bagel)
                                                     big thick slice of ham
                                                   an intermediary layer of branston pickle
                                                          some cheddar cheese
                                                              (toasted bagel)

So come join the party, there are enough sandwiches for everyone!