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How do you all feel about wraps? I feel like they're starting to corner a section of the sandwich market, especially in supermarkets, and especially when they contain hoi sin duck stuff. Do you like them? Are they as good as a sandwich? Could they be classed as a sandwich?

You can stuff a lot into a wrap, and not have the problem you have with sandwiches whereby you pile them too high and they don't fit into your mouth. The corn wrap part is also better at soaking up sauces and liquids and stuff than bread, which can go soggy. HOWEVER, the corn part is also very thin, without the same comfort level as a doorstop slice of bread. Furthermore, I wouldn't really know where to start with making a wrap at home, whereas sandwich construction is an almost instinctive skill.

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Noooooo!! Wraps are little more than bastardised sandwiches!
....although the one in the picture does look kinda tasty...
wraps could never take the place of a sandwich. i think they are growing ever more popular as people attempt to make their lifestyles more healthier. carbs are bad (apparently) so they choose the light corn filled wrap over the seemingly heavier sandwich.

BUT THEY ARE WRONG. wraps can be just as calorific and quite frankly, i never feel as satisfied after a wrap as i do after a sandwich.

plus vegetarian wraps are no where near as good as vegetarian sandiches. cheese for example. how on earth would you go about making a cheese wrap?!?!?!


p.s. good discussion topic ;)
That's a very valid point about the calorific nature of wraps! They are branded as healthy when actually they can be sneakily filled with mayo and fatty kinds of meat (esp duck) but because the carb component is thinner people are fooled.

Yeah, I never feel as satisfied either. I love my two big slices of bread/bagel/baguette, and nothing can really take the place of wheat products in my life.

A cheese wrap would suck - on the other hand, I did once have quite a nice veggie 3 bean wrap from marks and spencer. Has anyone else experienced this? Was it alright?


p.s. thanks ;)
I love a good wrap. I think they are great when you want to have something (like chicken cesar salad filling) in a sandwich-type meal but it wouldn't work on bread. Really salad fillings are my favorite in wraps. That being said, I still love a wonderful sandwich on bread/a bagel/baguette, whatever! :o)

(And, the wrap in the photo looks dee-lish-ous! :oD)
Oh yeah, I wanted to add that I make a fabulous wrap -- in addition to the filling, it's all in the folding! :o)
Ooh, really? Maybe you could do a How-To post!
I will work to create something useful! :o)
Wraps are sick and wrong. You might think that what appears to be the bastard love child of the fajita and the sandwich, both delicious in their own right, would be tasty - but you'd be wrong. I think the problem lies in the presentation - I find that the tortillas that supermarkets use in pre-made wraps are much too thick, in order to stop them becoming soggy, and also that the filling is over the top and too noisy. I feel disoriented, like I don't know what's happening in my mouth. It's a bad feeling. I much prefer sandwiches.

In other news, a song by Five Iron Frenzy came on just as I started to write this to which the intro is a guy yelling "Sandwich! Everyone likes some sandwiches." Creepy.
I have no objection to wraps in theory, but they're just fucking hard to eat. They're soggy and inefficient and everything drips out of them as soon as you attempt to pick them up, and more often than not they have salsa in them and you well know what happens to me when I am accidentally exposed to salsa.