Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien (zoecb) wrote in sandwich_party,
Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien


Celery is amazing.

It's not just that it's ridiculously healthy, but it's got good texture. It's green and crunchy and vitamin-filled and has no calories. It needs to be in sandwiches more. Lately I have been imitating the M&S cheese and celery model, for a very basic sandwich:

Brown bread
Slices of celery in little crescent shapes
Slices of cheddar cheese
Brown bread

But quite frankly this simplicity does not do the good name of celery justice. I've found I can more or less put celery on anything I am eating, put it in any salad at all and it works great all over the place.

Does anyone else know of good celery combinations that might work in a sandwich context?
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